Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Why We Shouldn’t End Our Manned Space Program" Article from Esquire


I know this borders on the ridiculous, but I say... finally, the article "Why We Shouldn't End Our Manned Space Program" from the Feb 2009 issue (cover image below) of Esquire Magazine is online so I can write about it (and of course link to it).

It may seem a bit obsessive for me to have been continually checking the Esquire website, but me thinks the writing that good. Done by my favorite living writer (I know it sounds kind of odd to say that, but it's not fair to compare everyone to Ayn Rand), Chris Jones, it achieves that dual goal that I think so hard to find in writing... something about an interesting topic that's written really well.

I've linked to and written about writing from Jones several times, touching on various pieces from Esquire and about his book "Out of Orbit (or "Too Far From Home") and gotta say... I really like his writing. His stuff is insightful, poignant and colorfully written about topics of either interest or great import.

It doesn't relate at all to why I like the writing, but I'm very interested to know if as a Canadian, he's written about hockey. Hmmm... I might gotta try to find that out.