Friday, January 16, 2009

Sports Illustrated Point After Piece on Kayla Hutcheson

Sometimes you come across a piece of writing that is just brilliantly worded and the topic almost secondary. From a pure "good writing" perspective, that's... well, that's incredibly cool... but, also pretty rare. More frequently, you read to find writing that's solidly written, but whose style takes a backseat to it's substance.

From the Jan 19 issue of Sports Illustrated, the end of magazine Point After piece on freshman Community College basketball player Kayla Hutchson provides a story of such weight. It's a short (one page in the magazine) telling of how Hutcheson has relied on her teammates to help her cope with the effects of a concussion and subsequent memory loss suffered on the court.

Powerful story that's both interesting and has a lot to say about the impact of teammates and friendship. Good stuff.