Monday, February 16, 2015

Fast Company & Businessweek writing

Some particularly interesting recent business writing included pieces from Fast Company Magazine as well as Businessweek. 

The March 2015 issue of Fast Company was its annual "50 Most Innovative Companies" edition, with a number of interesting companies featured. Three that stood out as particularly compelling and that I hadn't heard of before are: Fuhu, maker of the Nabi tablet for kids, American Giant, a US apparel (largely men's casual to this point) company, and Revolution Foods, a company providing healthy and affordable school lunches. From the same section on innovative companies was a "Sectors" area accessible from the top right with the "10 Most Innovative Companies" from each of 30+ different areas of business and one last interesting thing to note from this issue of Fast Company was "Medium's Secret Weapon: Design" by Om Malik on Ev Williams and his publishing company.

The shortest of the recent Businessweek pieces of particular interest was "Tesla Wants to Build a Battery for Your House" by Dana Hull and Mark Chediak on a coming offering around energy storage and recent issues of Businessweek magazine had two feature stories to note here. "Boom" by Nick Summers was an entertaining tale with the subtitle "No American ATM Has Even Been Robbed With Explosive Gas. The Same was True in Britain - Until 2013. Now There Have Been More than 90. Inside the Birth of a Bomb Spree" and "The Semiconductor Revolutionary" by Ashlee Vance was on the material gallium nitride, or GaN, a faster and cheaper potential replacement for Silicon in transistors.