Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My new book - Business Writing to Remember

This blog has always served dual purposes through the time I've written it, to be both a compilation of links to great writing and body of work with my grouping together the links under subjects, summarizing them and noting why particular pieces of writing so good and resonated with me. The books I've written from the blog, with my prior one detailed in this post, have been a continuation of this body of work idea, with my wanting to put a bit more permanence behind the effort in the form of you know... books.

To that same end, I've compiled another book with Business Writing to Remember, something that pulls out the very best of the business writing I've read and posted on while writing this this blog, with the further inclusion criteria that the pieces still timely even if aged a bit and currently available for reading without a subscription. The book is currently available as a Kindle eBook through Amazon and as a download through Scribd and as I started compiling it by looking back at past stories read, linked to and written about, categories of business writing began to emerge and are separated out in Business Writing to Remember:

Business segments - best pieces on each:
Health care
Venture capital
Manufacturing & resource utilization
Power generation & management

Companies - best pieces on each:
Tesla Motors

Companies - single best piece on each:

My reviews of great business books

There’s been a lot of reading done to suss out the writing found to be interesting enough (usually a combination of great writing on a fascinating topic) to include in the blog and I've enjoyed the process of the reading, then writing on and making connections between the various pieces. Hopefully the result of the effort is something with a bit of permanence (there's that word I love to use in relation to writing), both in the form of links to great business writing by others and my own body of work about the writing.