Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Interesting business writing - by Newman, Higginbotham, Wolman and Winter

Some excellent pieces of business-related writing I've seen recently included three from Businessweek and one from the San Jose Mercury News.

The newspaper story was "Ramona Pierson's remarkable tale: From near-death to Silicon Valley CEO" by Bruce Newman about the leader of Palo Alto-based Declara. The piece was an excellent one and brought to mind a Businessweek feature on Pierson from a few months ago that I posted on.

The Businessweek writing that struck me as particularly interesting included the features "The Irish Clan Behind Europe's Rhino-Horn Theft Epidemic" by Adam Higginbotham and "Beware of Gangsters Filing Tax Returns" by David Wolman as well as the short piece "The Mind's Eye: Synesthesia Has Business Benefits" by Caroline Winter. Really fascinating stuff written about in each of the pieces.