Sunday, January 05, 2014

In-depth newspaper features - on Christopher Dorner, a homeless child in NYC & a man overboard

There were three recent in-depth newspaper features that stood out to me as particularly excellent.

Two of them were for the New York Times with "Invisible Child" by Andrea Elliott on Dasani Coates, an 11-year-old in New York City and "A Speck in the Sea" by Paul Tough. Written about John Aldridge who fell off a lobster boat into the Atlantic, it was also interesting to me that the piece written by Tough who wrote the book How Children Succeed which I read earlier this year.

The L.A. Times feature was "The Manhunt for Christopher Dorner" and written by Christopher Goffard. What struck me from the story was both the scope of the LAPD protection of people named by Dorner as targets and multiple instances of innocent people being injured by police during the manhunt. Really great detail in the story and credited for the reporting along with Goffard were Joel Rubin, Louis Sahagun, Kurt Streeter and Phil Willon.