Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"Crash and Burn" by Artie Lange

Crash and Burn by Artie Lange was a book that would be sure to be interesting for anyone that's a fan of the comedian and is a pretty amazing tale of his life and drug and alcohol addiction.

The book follows up on Lange's original memoir Too Fat to Fish from five years ago and confirms what seemed to me to be the case back then, that Lange was very much addicted at the time the first book published.

Especially in this follow up effort, it's remarkable to read of the number of second, third, fourth, fifth (and so on) chances that Lange has had in life. It's not to at all begrudge him these opportunities, but I kept thinking how if not for the money he's earned for both himself and others a lot of  others, he wouldn't have the same number of second chances nor financial resources that his various efforts at recovery have cost. Definitely good for him that he has had those chances, just they're many more than most people in normal jobs making much less money for themselves or their employers would have. That said, here's to hoping he can actually stay clean and continue to both entertain and be healthy.