Friday, June 28, 2013

"The Innocent Man" feature by Pamela Colloff for Texas Monthly

The two-part magazine feature came out last fall, but I just this week finally read "The Innocent Man" (second part here) by Pamela Colloff.

Written for Texas Monthly, it's remarkably detailed journalism about Michael Morton, the Dallas area man wrongly convicted in 1987 of murdering his wife and who was exonerated and released from prison over two decades later in 2011.

The feature from Colloff won a National Magazine Award and in a Nieman Storyboard Annotation Series segment (split into two parts with the first here and second here), Colloff provides background on reporting and writing the story as well as commentary about certain sections of writing. One praise out of the Nieman segment by Paige Williams was just how understated the writing from Colloff was, with the story just laid out and events providing the drama.

The Texas Monthly page on Morton contains links to both halves of the 28,000 word story by Colloff along with a number of other related pieces, including stories about the eventual conviction of Mark Alan Norwood for the murder and criminal misconduct investigation into former District Attorney and now Texas Judge Ken Anderson.

It was a great feature from Colloff for Texas Monthly and Morton's story (including details about Norwood and Anderson) was also the subject of a recent a 60 Minutes feature...