Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Businessweek pieces - Hannan on Dish Network & Borrell on Maple Syrup

The latest issue of Businessweek had two really interesting feature stories with one on satellite TV provider Dish Network and one on Maple Syrup (that's right, Maple Syrup).

Caleb Hannan wrote "Dish Network, the Meanest Company in America" and it's a well done story that focuses on founder and CEO Charlie Ergen and his not so particularly nice approach to running the company. Some pretty amazing anecdotes in the story ranging from docking employees pay if they over-tip an expensed meal to fingerprint readers for nabbing late-arrivals to work at corporate HQ. All this and a stock that's historically performed well... hopefully there's not a huge lesson there, but regardless, it makes for entertaining reading.

The other feature that stood out was by Brendan Borrell with "The Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist." It (along with the Dish Network one) is an example of a story that Businessweek seems to love to run, something offbeat that still very much deals with large money in the world of business. Borrell does a solid job in this piece on a story that brings to mind prohibition-era whiskey and our friends Nucky Thompson and company.