Thursday, July 19, 2012

Writing & Writing Process Pieces by Clay Travis, Family Business, @Bigsportswriter, Chris Jones, Jennifer Khan and Jen A. Miller

With the topic of Writing and it's production being one of the content areas I've posted on, I've come across a slew of interesting web pages lately that cover this fabled idea of getting words on a page.

Three of the pieces group together for me as being fascinating takes on the state of online writing today, particularly sports writing on the web. Clay Travis provided "Outkick the Coverage Reaches One Year Old: Thanks to all of you" and it features a lot of great content around the monetization of good writing on the web... and how the people actually producing the writing fare at getting those dollars. Additionally, two other pieces go heavily into the state of written discourse and what actually gets attention in writing, again, particularly sports and particularly on the Internet. "The Aughts Internet Is Over" from the Tumblr blog Family Business and "@BIGSPORTSWRITER On the State of Sports Discussion: 'The Great Ones Are Weary of Those Who Read Them'" posted on Brandon Sneed's blog both feature really good topics to ruminate on.

Three additional pieces (or posts on a site in one case) that stood out to me lately cover a different area on the subject of writing. There's a "Q&A with Chris Jones on his writing" published by Jonah Weiner on his website, "The Science (Not Art) of the Magazine Pitch" from Stanford Journalism Professor Jennifer Khan and finally the blog on freelance writer Jen A. Miller's website.

Great content in all six of these pieces/sources and it may be a generalization to say, but the first few seemed to stand out more as having interesting philosophical takes on writing and the latter had more nuts and bolts content around writing.