Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Working Towards Something - a Career in Writing

After a few days ago doing the post Wanting to Do Something Not Being Done - Writing as a Career, it seems appropriate to also give space and words to a (hopefully) closely associated topic... working towards something, specifically a career in writing.


In my case, the path began with the long ago high school level interest in writing that carried through to an undergraduate degree in English and enjoyment of crafting papers. It wasn't fiction writing that floated the proverbial boat, but rather doing really solid analysis type writing on a book or topic.

After this formative years education the process of real life began with work in Sales and then a graduate degree in Business (Sports Marketing Business, but really... Business). From that it's been off to said land of Business with more Sales and then Program Management / Customer Coddling work (with a brief interlude on the Sponsorship Marketing side of Business).

Throughout these years, there's always been at least a flicker of interest remaining in words and their arranging on a page... and that's where this blog began in earnest some three years ago. What I've found through the process of writing it is both that I really enjoy writing, and that I enjoy the same analytical type of non-fiction writing that I did as an undergrad.


With this interest in writing and producing non-fiction work established, it then becomes a question of what careers could be done and how to work towards those. I've got significant time invested in this whole Business track thing and maybe it's a delusional view on my part, but really do think there's a need for compelling narrative writing in Business (and I do find many areas of business interesting enough to write about).

The trick becomes the figuring out exactly what type of business writing to go after and how to be successful at that.

In terms of the going after and getting part, education and work background should count for something and the blog (you know, this one) is intended as a portfolio of writing work (in addition to just the fact that I enjoy writing it). Belief is that it should be easier to transition to new role within current company (rather than having to sell ability to new company to do new role). While that belief hasn't yet manifested itself as true, it still could have legs... we'll see.

Also, some other things considered around type of writing that could be done and how to pursue it...

- Don't really envision going to Journalism School (and see what's going in in the field), but interested in the idea of Entrepreneurial Journalism and new business models around writing.

- Considering various non degree path courses like a Creative Nonfiction workshop through UC Berkeley.

- Have reached out through my contacts to people who do career coaching... some with experience in writing.

- Think sometimes about my educational background in Sports Marketing and what writing that could be done in that area of Business.

- Find myself wondering about editing as a field.

- Hear from internal company contacts about Executive Communication as an area of Business Writing... taking on someone's voice in messaging.


Lots of things to consider, lots of options, lots of work. Just a matter, though, of continuing to head towards the believed goal... and trying to stay entertained in the process.