Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Laura Dodd Book Signing - "Dig This Gig"

Closely related to the last post of Working Towards Something - a Career in Writing... I recently went to the local Barnes & Noble for a book signing with Laura Dodd, author of Dig This Gig: Find Your Dream Job - or Invent It.

Dodd's background is in television production and sometime between that work and now (she's 29) she combined together an interest in writing with idea for this book. I don't know the chronology of how it all happened, but she had a book proposal (for the aforementioned Dig This Gig accepted around the same time she got into Journalism School at Columbia.

Dodd spoke of the book as containing a number of stories of people in their 20s figuring out what they want to do and then creating that work for themselves.

One thing utterly fascinating was her mention of self-financing the book tour... and living on the cheap as she tries to get as many copies sold as possible. This provided huge credence for Dodd and her book as it shows the work she's continuing to do even though she's... you know, a published author.

To this point, I liked her mention of viewing the large number of books out there as inspiration while writing and now consternation after publishing. Gotta respect someone both doing what they want to do and putting in the work to make successful.

This dedication on Dodd's part also made me actually buy a copy to support her rather than just getting it from the library as I do most books. Looking forward to reading it...