Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Barack Obama Tucson Speech & Patti Davis on Ronald Reagan

There's a great number of topics posted on and linked to on this blog... including those from the worlds of sports, business, family and politics. Two pieces I've come across lately fall loosely into the Political category, but squarely into the category of great writing.

The first was President Barack Obama's address to the nation following the shooting in Tucson. The writing in his speech had the same elements as other outstanding writing posted on and linked to about the tragedy. It covered the topic (if that's not too crass of a term to use in this case), did so in a clear voice, and conveyed a message well.

One could either disagree or agree with policies from the man, but this particular speech was just... solid.


The second piece of writing sort of about politics (but, not really) that I found excellent lately was by Patti Davis on her late father Ronald Reagan. From Time Magazine, "Grace Under Fire" is a commentary about time spent with the former President as he suffered from Alzheimer's.

Reminded me of family writing from memoirs by Gary Dell' Abate and John Grogan... which I reviewed here and here respectively. Very moving stuff...