Sunday, January 02, 2011

Businessweek Cover Story on Electric Cars

Interesting cover story in the latest issue of Businessweek.

Written by Eric Pooley, "Electric Cars Get Charged for Battle" focuses on entries to the field from Nissan and General Motors. The Leaf from Nissan has a higher green cred being all electric, but the electric/gasoline hybrid Volt from GM follows in the already proven to be successful footprints of the Toyota Prius.

Reading the piece, it seemed to me that Nissan will have a tougher road to success (pardon the pun) with it's higher reliance on the availability of public charging stations. Even if the places to charge are available, consumers have to feel comfortable enough that they won't get stuck or the car purchase will never happen.

All this said, electric and hybrid cars are a big growing business and I'm now curious to see what may be brought to the market by both Subaru and Ford (having written about the company in previous posts).