Sunday, January 02, 2011

2010 Blog Posts - In Review

It's now the New Year... time for new beginnings, new growth, new hair (probably not) and bunches of other things new. That said, one of the most popular things to do when considering The New, is to also look at The Old.

In terms of this blog looking backwards, the closest thing to the topic a year ago was one on the reason for the blog (among other things, to write about and link to great magazine writing) and a couple of different posts looking back on posts of said great writing.

Published here on back to back days in Jan 2010 were Workplace Culture Blog Posts and then Best Time Magazine Writing: Politics & The Economy. Following up a month later, Best Time Magazine Writing: Parenting & Family was posted... with bunches of interesting things linked to from each of these.

Looking at what's been written here since these posts (well, for simplicities sake since Jan 1, 2010), here's the content at a high level...

- 148 posts... with a minimum of 11 a month
- 30 posts with Time articles linked to and written about
- 28 posts with Sports Illustrated articles linked to and written about
- 14 posts with Businessweek articles linked to and written about
- 12 posts with Esquire (or Esquire blog) articles linked to and written about
- 11 posts with Fast Company articles linked to and written about
- 24 book review posts

As math would tell us, there were certainly posts done on things other than book reviews or pieces from these sources, but in terms of actual publications, the five noted above had quite a few stories of interest from the past year.

Whist I typically hate to forecast a post on the chance it doesn't get written, likely content for at least one future post this month will be some of the best (yep, highly subjective, but that's what the Internet in many ways is about) posts and linked to pieces over the past 12 months. So, you know... there's That to look forward to.