Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tony Blair on three U.S. Presidents - from Time Magazine

Following in a long line of interesting book excerpts in Time, the Sept 13 issue had an excellent one.

From the former British Prime Minister, "Tony Blair on Clinton, Bush and the American Character" has part of his "A Journey, My Political Life". Specifically excerpted is material around his dealing with the current and last two American Presidents... provides for some very interesting compare and contrast material.

I likely won't take the time to read the entire Blair biography, but do recommend this portion of it and am thankful that Time decided to go ahead and make available online the entire piece (which they don't always do).


Also from this issue of Time is mention of The Wilderness Downtown website, built for the band Arcade Fire. Concept behind it is that you put in a street address and the site does interactive stuff along with the song playing. Now, if only I had Google's Chrome browser installed so I could actually see it...

Interesting concept in description, though.