Tuesday, September 28, 2010

32 Great Sports Illustrated Covers from Joe Posnanski

Following up on the amazing Jim Thome shot on the cover of SI, Joe Posnanski wrote "32 Great Sports Illustrated Covers" for his SI blog. Really interesting stuff that got me on a few different levels...

1. How can a reader who really likes Posnanski's stuff not be interested in 7,000 words on a topic? Well, I guess he could write without my caring that many words on some subjects, but I love great sports pictures... and Posnanski writing on them makes the piece even better.

2. The stories behind the images. Some profound stuff that shows sports and it's captured drama. Examples of this: Number 26 of KC Royals pitcher Zach Greinke, number 25 of Boston Celtics draft pick Len Bias titled "Death of a Dream", Number 2 of Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan (not really #2, but included as a great image) and number 1 of... something epic.

3. The fact that the aforementioned Ali cover at number two is noted as being the favorite of Esquire writer Chris Jones. Just feels like the world is spinning correctly when a guy whose writing I really like references in glowing terms another guy whose writing I really like.

4. Mention of my old employer, Athlon Sports. Yea, it's not mention of me, nor of Athlon whilst I was there, but was interesting to see.