Friday, December 04, 2009

Authors Are Nice People Too

A habit I've acquired as a result of writing this blog is to e-mail authors I like to express said admiration for their writing.

I suppose there's part of me thinking how great it would be if people were to then ask me to "work with them on a hot new book/movie script/epic tome," but really... I just think it's cool to express appreciation for something you like.

I found interesting from doing this that of the nine authors I've reached out to, eight responded with e-mails or notes. The intent wasn't to demand (or even request) anything back, but I do think it exceptionally good of people to take the time to write something.

So... very cool move on the part of the authors below:

- Alain de Botton
- Dave Bidini
- David Kord Murray
- Eric Weiner
- Jeff Jarvis
- John Gardner (since passed away)
- John Grogan
- John Wooden