Sunday, October 11, 2009

Earthquake Preparedness Section from Mercury News

It's not necessarily good writing related stuff, but some excellent information in the San Jose Mercury News Special Section on the Loma Prieta Earthquake Anniversary on how to prepare for and react to a quake.

Two things that stood out where a graphic checklist how to prepare your house and this piece on the house preparations done by a Los Gatos resident.

Below are some of the key steps taken from the linked checklist that can be taken to prepare for or in case of an earthquake.

Items to have:
- water - a gallon per person, per day
- water purifying tablets
- non perishable food high in calories... dehydrated food, granola bars, canned goods
- can opener
- baby supplies
- flashlights
- batteries
- shoes and change of clothing
- blankets or sleeping bags

Things to do prior to an earthquake:
- know how to turn off gas, water and electricity
- secure appliances and tall furniture
- place bed away from window (also good to have blinds closed)
- secure cabinet doors
- confirm water heater secured by strap
- be aware of mirrors and pictures that could fall

Things to do in an earthquake:
- drop under a desk or table if inside
- stay away from windows
- stay inside if already there
- stay in bed if already there... cover with blanket/pillow
- if you're outside, get clear of buildings, trees, streetlights and power lines... then drop to the ground
- if you're driving, pull to the side trying to stay clear of things that could fall and stay there with your seatbelt on