Monday, June 30, 2008

Magazine reading notes 13

Fast Company - July/Aug 2007
"The King of Green Investing" about Vinod Khosla
"PG&E's Chemistry Test" about how the company is putting more focus on things like reducing energy usage, but is still putting out a large # of products with hazerdous materials. Alternative products are from companies like Method.

BusinessWeek - July 7 2008
Positive review of the HP TouchSmart computer "HP's Personal Touch"

Time - July 14 2008
"10 Things You Can Like About $4 Gas" with the benefits around reduced sprawl, pollution, traffic and jobs leaving the US
"Pick Up a Mop" about the idea of, and science around, strategies to soak up carbon dioxide that has already been emitted
"Making of America: Mark Twain" cover story about the author

BusinessWeek - July 2008
Mention of the work outsourcing website
Retirement planning feature that discusses among other things the idea of simply having a smaller house... perhaps a prefabricated one
Mention of "Emotional Branding" author Marc Gobe and his new think tank by the same name

BusinessWeek - June 30 2008
"I Have Just One Wod for You: Bioplastics" about the new industry around plastics that biodegrade

Time - June 30 2008
Joe Klein "In the Arena" piece about how if elected President Barack Obama should follow the example of Abraham Lincoln (as detailed in the exellent Doris Kearns Goodwin biography "Team of Rivals") and have opponents (i.e. Republicans) in Cabinet level positions... specifically current Defense Secretary Robert Gates
Mention of left-leaning political website
Moving piece by Joe Klein on the legacy of Tim Russert titled "The People's Voice"