Monday, June 30, 2008

Magazine reading notes 12: 2008 Feb-Jun 2

Oregon Lundquist College of Business Magazine
Piece on Rick Burton taking the CMO spot with the USOC
Piece by Paul Swangard on the Warsaw Center

Time - June 2
"Roused by Disaster" about the government response by China to their earthquake,9171,1808638,00.html

Time - June 9
"How to Survive a Disaster" with feature on Morgan Stanley Security Director Rick Rescorla,9171,1810315,00.html

Time - July 7

"Time: 85 Years of Great Writing" book recently published

"Sweet Deal" about how the state of Florida bought U.S. Sugar Corp. in an effort to save the Everglades...,9171,1818184,00.html

"10 Questions" with Neil DeGrasse, host of the PBS show "Nova Science Now"

Time - Feb 25

"Tuning Up the House" about energy assessments that can be done through

Time - May 26

"10 Questions" with Ira Glass, host of the NPR show "This American Life"

Piece on the band They Might Be Giants and their foray into children's educational CDs and DVDs including "Here Come the ABCs" and "Here Comes the 123s"...,9171,1806810,00.html

BusinessWeek - June 2

Excerpt from the boo "Once You're Lucky, Twice You're Good" by Sarah Lacy that looks in part at Marc Andreessen and his new startup...

"Beyond Blogs" cover story...