Sunday, November 30, 2014

Well done stories of deception - by Ronson, Tower & Moore

Three really well written stories of great deception from the past month included pieces from The Guardian, GQ and the BBC.

Written for The Guardian was "The Big-Eyed Children: The Extraordinary Story of an Epic Art Fraud" by Jon Ronson on the painter Margaret Keane, who used to be held in virtual captivity by her husband with him saying he did work actually painted by her. It's a remarkable story that's been made into the upcoming feature film, Big Eyes directed by Tim Burton and starring Amy Adams as Margaret.

The GQ piece was "The Great Paper Caper" by Wells Tower on Canadian counterfeiter Frank Bourassa and the last piece to note here was for the BBC website with Melissa Moore writing "My Evil Dad: Life as a Serial Killer’s Daughter" on her life and that of her father, Keith Jesperson.

All three pieces were excellent writing and the one from Moore... just an absolutely crazy story.