Saturday, April 06, 2013

Writing on the HMS Bounty sinking & Tim Hetherington documentary - from Outside, The Awl & Nieman Storyboard

There were two pieces of writing from the April issue of Outside Magazine that were excellent on their own, and which led me to other interesting work.

The largest feature story from the issue was by Kathryn Miles with "Sunk: The Incredible Truth About a Ship That never Should Have Sailed" on the HMS Bounty. The boat went down during Hurricane Sandy and claimed two lives, that of Captain Robin Walbridge and crewmember Claudene Christian. Related to the feature by Miles on the Bounty were two additional pieces from sources other than Outside. For Nieman Storyboard, there was an interview with Miles about the writing process and from The Awl was a piece by Michael Shaer titled "Interviews With The Survivors" about his process of writing the eBook The Sinking of the Bounty, and seeking out for a feature story people touched by tragedy.

The other piece I found of note from this edition of Outside Magazine was by Matthew Power with "Sebastian Junger Shoots for the Truth" on the documentary Which Way is the Frontline from Here: The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington that premiers April 18th on HBO. Hetherington was the filmmaker and and Junger the writer behind the excellent war documentary Restrepo (which I wrote about here) and the HBO show a tribute to Hetherington, killed along with fellow American photographer Chris Hondros by a motor attack two years ago in Libya.