Thursday, February 02, 2012

Writing on Writing - from Kruse, Lake, Altucher and Pearlman

Have come across a number of interesting pieces lately on the why and how of writing that bear noting.

Two different writer interviews were The Fury Files: Michael Kruse for the blog TVFury and Thomas Lake on Pop Herring, How to Make It as a Journalist, Coffee, and Why You "Have To Get Yourself Good" by Brandon Sneed for his website.

From the Kruse interview I was struck by his statements on the absolute importance of solid reporting to the nonfiction writing process and the very methodical outlining he does prior to and as part of the actual writing. Super detailed work that's a long ways from just sitting down and letting nonfiction magic flow to the page.

The interview with Thomas Lake also featured the same idea of reporting leading to the story and an at times absolute dogged pursuit of access and information. Additionally, Lake spoke of his career path and the six years, four newspaper jobs and over a thousand stories written until he reached out to someone who opened the door for him to land at Sports Illustrated. Very cool content about putting in the work.

Still on writing, but on a specific output of writing were two additional blog mentions of interest. James Altucher wrote Self-Publishing Your Own Book is the New Business Card which echoed and expanded on sentiments expressed in his book I Was Blind But Now I See and Jeff Pearlman wrote on his blog Chris Dessi comes of age about his former classmates self-published book on Social Media Your World is Exploding.