Sunday, September 04, 2011

Time Magazine Writing - Joe Klein on Veterans, Mehmet Oz on food & Barton Gellman on Dick Cheney

Some solid pieces from Time lately... two of them cover stories and another within the latest issue (and all of them requiring a magazine subscription to be viewed online.

From the August 29 edition came "The New Greatest Generation" by Joe Klein.

It's a pretty lengthy feature on the contributions back here at home of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and has some impressive stories within. There's leadership, teamwork, a dedication towards helping others... a lot of actions being done in the U.S. by people who recently served their country overseas. Klein also notes as a big part of the story how the roles and contributions of these returning veterans will continue to grow over time.


The September 12 edition of Time had another cover story with interesting content and then a second feature that stood out as a compelling read.

Cover story was "The Oz Diet" and while this piece from Dr. Mehmet Oz was a bit of a slog at times, it was on the important topic of food and included mention of what foods he eats for and their health benefits.

Piece from this same issue that was terribly fascinating was by Barton Gellman on Dick Cheney. "The Power and the Zealotry" looks at the memoir "In My Time" by the former Vice President and is a pretty scathing rebuke of Cheney. From what he did to the way he went about it and then how it's described in the book, Gellman's impression is definitely not a positive one. Remarkable content in this piece about a guy who wielded an immense amount of power (and saw that power then diminish) in the George Bush White House.