Monday, October 11, 2010

Fast Company Magazine - Masters of Design Issue

Some interesting content in the Oct 2010 issue of Fast Company that got me thinking about career choices...

Theme was Masters of Design and the first thing I found of note was the series of short profiles "A Generation of Emerging Designers Who Design With Purpose." Within was a handful of people who come across as passionate about doing great work. In the same vein was the longer profile "Fiona Morrisson Brands JetBlue With Whimsical Design" on the airline's Brand and Advertising head.

I love reading pieces about people who are really into whatever their chosen endevour is. Definitely got the impression that these individuals wanted to do something a certain way and would be willing to fight for that. So much more to that than simply going along in a work environment and not making waves.


Two other things that caught my eye... mention of Tony Hawk's new book "How Did I Get Here: The Ascent of an Unlikely CEO" and fabric iPhone headphones from Frends.

Both from a functionality (hate the way my headphones tangle) and story (Frends being the group of snowboarders whose best known member is Kevin Pearce) perspective, it's a product I want to buy... now, if only there was somewhere I could buy them (doesn't appear to be sold online and the Zumiez I visited didn't have any).