Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fred Wilson Venture Capitalist Website & Time Internet Business Article

I came mention of venture capitalist Fred Wilson and his blog http://www.avc.com/ in the Jeff Jarvis book "What Would Google Do?".

I'll definitely write more about the book itself when I finish later this week, but wanted to mention and link to Wilson's site in the interim. One of the principle ideas that Jarvis puts forth in his book is interconnectedness online (as he terms it, being "Googly") and he refers to Wilson as "the "Googliest guy I know in this (venture capital), the Googliest industry."

The Wilson site features his thoughts on technology and what cool things are out there. This very much has similarities to what I try to do with this site, primary difference of course being that Wilson is actually a VC and is in what I'll call... a better position to fund and make successful these business ideas he comes across.

That said, as a recent Time Magazine article titled "The New Internet Start-Up Boom: Get Rich Slow" details, you don't really have to be a venture capitalist in order to be involved in business start-ups. If you've got an idea, the opportunities for business creation are there with much lower upfront costs than ever before.

All very interesting stuff.