Monday, March 31, 2008

Magazine reading notes 10: 2008 Feb-Mar

Fast Company – Feb
Profile of Production Company Motion Theory… creator of HP “hands” spots among many other interesting ads

Mention of TED conference in late Feb

Profile of current leader of Bell Labs Jeong Kim with additional mention of how other corporate labs (such as HP Labs) operate

Fast Company – Mar
Listing of the “Fast 50” most innovative companies:

Google… and its various employee programs: author series, Presidential Candidate series
Method… environmentally friendly cleaning products
HP… PSG ad campaign and new market products such as the Blackbird 002 gaming PC
Ausra… solar power provider based in Campbell, CA

Time – Mar 10
Mention of “Lush Life” by Richard Price… described as an excellent crime novel

Time – Mar 24
Piece on reusable water bottles… and how plastic is not designed for repeat use,9171,1722266,00.html

Time – Mar 31
Cover story on the Dalai Lama,8599,1723922,00.html